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Radix Development company is one of “Mowfak Holding” in the Saudi Arabia kingdom where Radix is main representative for it in Egypt, with experience over 65 years Saudi Arabia and in the whole gulf, since then Mowfak started to expand in their activities, resources and investments. Which made it in that unique position, which also kept them pioneers between other competitors in the same field.

Known in variety of fields such as: (constructions, trading, agriculture, decorating and flowering, property management, cement industries, tourism and real estate development) and with huge history in Saudi Arabia such as: (Central Commercial Complex, Al-Sabaan Commercial Plaza, Juffair Tower, Boulevard Mall Al-Azdhar, Jazan Mall, Al-Sabaan Tower) and also out of Saudi such as Al-Bahrain: Sarai Tower.

Mowfak Started Its Journey In The Egyptian Market Through Al-Salmanya Real Estate Development With Its Trade Mark “Radix Development” In 2018, And Started To Pump Huge Investment In New Cairo Especially In The 5th Settlement And Bait Al-Watan To Develop

And to be updated to the strategic direction of Egypt to the new cities especially the New Administrative Capital east of Cairo with total area of 170,000 acres, where the company launched its first commercial – administrative – medical building


Our projects in New Capital and New Cairo

Bait El-Watan, 4th Neighbourhood

Radix Palace

New Administrative Capital

Agile Business Complex

Bait El-Watan, El-Takmlya Neighbourhood

Radix Elite

Southern Lotus

Radix Bloom

Bait El-Watan, 1st Neighbourhood

Radix Residential

The Northern Lotus

Radix Complex

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